Our Mandate/ Theology and Philosophy of Development

The ACK vision is to have a growing and caring Church boldly proclaiming Christ. Our mission is, “working towards equipping God’s people to reach out and transform society with the gospel of Christ”, is based on this vision. We operate in a country constantly struggling with widening poverty gaps. Our mission and core mandate is to enable people live fulfilled lives as outlined in John 10:10. Our first responsibility is to God, followed by ACK, then all our stakeholders and partners.

Our understanding of sustainable Development

When God created Adam, He gave him the responsibility of working on the land and taking care if it (Genesis 2:15). Working connotes productivity while caring suggests sustainability, stewardship and accountability. These form the pillars of any corporate that is progressive.

We therefore advocate for these values in all institutions, corporates, government and government agencies since they have been given the mandate to be productive and not consume national resources. In the same vain, we shall challenge systems that drain national resources entrusted to institutions for the good of the nation and seek to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Resource mobilization and Investment

God invests in people and expects productivity. He told Adam to be fruitful and multiply (Gen 1:28). He said the same to Noah and his sons (Genesis 9:1). He promised to make Abraham a father of a great nation. While explaining how the Kingdom of God is like, Jesus made it clear that God, like an earthly master, expects his servants to be productive (Matthew 25:14-30). Productivity dignifies a people and we shall endeavor to help individuals and communities to be productive by making prudent investment decisions and managing properly their human and natural resources.

Potential in Our People

God declares in Jeremiah 1:5 that “before I formed you in the womb, I knew you and before you were born, I consecrated you”. He therefore has a reason why he allows each person to be conceived, born and grow. As an agency of the church, we shall continuously advocate for the dignity of every human being and preservation of their lives in the best conditions of living and health possible, because we are all equal before God. We shall promote the well-being of the less fortunate in society, especially the orphans, widows and the physically challenged.

Our role in advocacy work

The advocacy voice is the voice of the prophet speaking into the current situation (forth telling) and predicting the things that are yet to happen (foretelling). Quite often the Church forth tells. Issues of justice, distribution of wealth, availing of basic services, integrity, leadership and governance, are matters that church is looked unto for direction. The church will therefore continuously process and speak into these issues and others that many arise.