Our History

We are the specialized Development arm of the Anglican Church of Kenya. We are responsible for the social transformation work of the Anglican Church across the country.

ACK’s Social Development work can be traced way back from the Introduction of Christianity in the Country. As a way of taking care of the communities, Missionaries established Churches, Schools, Health facilities among other Facilities. With poverty and illiteracy being one of the major challenges that Africans generally faced across the continent, it was increasingly important for those interested in mission work to first deal with these challenges. This was one of the ways that was used to introduce the gospel of Christ to the indigenous communities in Africa, and more so here in Kenya.

In Kenya, the Church experienced growth wholly on the account that the gospel of Jesus took care of the social needs of the People. As the Late Rt. Rev. Festus Olang’ (the First African Archbishop of ACK) would put in in most of his sermons, “People got to Church to be fed with the Message of Christ and also –Bread’. Through integrating Theology and the Philosophy of Development, ACK strives to align her Development programs in a way that meets the specific needs of communities.  By analyzing the contexts of people, and seeking to understand the genesis of their challenges, ACK approaches them in a programmatic way with deliberate efforts to make Christ present in the lives of Kenyans through deeds.

The Provincial Board of Social Services which doubles up as the ADS Kenya Board has over the years provided an avenue for establishment of partnerships that support this mission to the People of Kenya. With Kenya’s ever-growing population, faced with a myriad of problems, these partnerships strategically help in mitigation against the effects of the challenges while at the same time create solutions.

The Board envisions, in its programs, to mobilize people of Good will to be involved in the development work in all areas of life. As the gospel of Christ is preached, they should also have life and Have it in abundance; as assured in John 10:10. Guided by Biblical principles of Development, it seeks to stimulate the awareness in people to fully realize their potential by understanding their environment. It has established a framework that ensures that this development Takes place from the national to the Grassroots levels. This is done through continually improving the quality of people’s lives with a view of attaining household Self Sufficiency; and Challenging injustice and respect for the rule of law and human rights.

We work through 10 regional offices spread out in the Country, with each Region allocated several Dioceses and Counties to serve.

Nationally, ADS Kenya is the Coordinating Office charged with:

  • Technical backstopping.
  • Advocacy and research & Development.