Health & HIV

We endeavor to promote access to quality health care and well- being among the targeted communities by focusing on Maternal health, HIV/AIDs and life style diseases-Cancer, mental health & diabetes.

Some of the activities we implement under this are:

  • Support Health Promotion Activities (NCD’s. Communicable Diseases, Mental Health, Drug and Substance Abuse, Sexual Gender Based Violence
  • Support Functionality of Community Health Service Systems/Structures
  • Support Operationalization of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Initiatives
  • Reduced Morbidity and Mortality among women, children and adolescents
  • Support High Impact Interventions along Continuum of Care at community level.
  • Support initiatives to access preventive and emergency care for children
  • Support access to quality Sexual Reproductive Health information and services for Adolescents and Youths
  • Reduction of New HIV Infections.
  • Support 90:90:90 HIV Cascade at Community Level