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Who we are

We are a Christian Based institution founded by the Anglican Church in Kenya. Over the years, we have based our work on the values that are anchored in the Bible.

What we Do

Community Development

ADS has the primary mandate of social transformation for wholesome and dignified living within communities. We therefore seek to build and strengthen partnerships with communities and enabling them to exercise their God-given potentials in addressing their needs.


Our Advocacy Programmes are designed to spearhead the Church’s role in championing for awareness on various issues that affect the lives of the community. These range from Gender, Climate Change, Governance, Health, Food security, Economic development and other Social

Institutional Strengthening and Sustainability

To optimize development results, we appreciate financing and resource mobilization as key to our operations. For us to be effective as an organization, we continue to look at ways through which we can make our programs sustainable.

Research and Knowledge Management

For effectiveness, we seek to conduct research for evidence-based advocacy/Interventions. We also co-produce knowledge in partnership with other stakeholders that is used in informing policies in our advocacy. We have embraced ICT
Approximate total number of people reached
Approximate total number of people reached
In 2019, we directly and indirectly impacted about 10, 000, 000 people spread out across the Country.
Dioceses and Counties reached
Dioceses and Counties reached
Through our regions, we serve all the 37 Anglican Church of Kenya Dioceses and the 47 Counties that comprise the nation

Our Current Projects

The Kenya Integrated Peace and Governance Project
The Green Business Project
Locust Intervention Project in North Rift
Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) Project
The Pamoja Health Project
The Green Anglicans Movement
The Telemedicine Project
Strengthening Democratic Spaces (SADES) Project: Peace Building Project in Narok County
The Views from the Frontline (VFL) Research Project
Stop the Trade Research Project

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