Sustainability and Availability of Development Resources

To optimize development results, we appreciate financing and resource mobilization as key to our operations. For us to be effective as an organization, we continue to look at ways through which we can make our programs sustainable. This is continually based on a sustained effort to scout and secure for funding frameworks and resource generation models that suit the aspirations of ADS and those of the communities that we work with. Working with the Dioceses and the regions, we continue to evaluate and build the capacities of our institutions to be better placed to serve and create meaningful development.

We take lead in concept development, Proposal writing and joint resource mobilization for ADS regions. This is also done by embracing partnerships and consortium building so as to enhance uniformity in Program work. We have in place investment strategies that inform our Revenue generation ventures, setting up of Infrastructure and systems for managing the investments and partnering with other ACK entities on certain projects. ADS continues to enhance the capacities of communities to take charge of their own development by understanding the contexts in which they live in and how they can solve some of the challenges they are faced with. This is done by incorporating stakeholder input and participation in the areas of strength.